From The Desk of Tom Avery

Let’s face it…

There’s absolutely no other game in the world like tennis. Unlike most sports, tennis requires speed, agility, fast reflexes, hard cuts, precision, timing and accuracy. And if you throw in the mental aspect, the game of tennis can literally take years to over a decade to master everything you need to have a flawless game.

And that’s assuming you have the best coaching in the world and that your practice technique is perfect, ALL THE TIME!

“It’s No Wonder You’re Struggling To Get To
The Next Level!”

The game of tennis relies on fundamentals, proper mechanics, and a deep knowledge of the sport. The problem is that 80% of tennis players haven’t mastered one or even all of these areas.

But it gets even worse!

On the internet there are hundreds of so-called ‘experts’ giving out advice that is either outdated, a temporary fad, based on empty theory or just a flat-out myth. This type of stuff doesn’t work for anybody and I know because I spend my life fixing the problems they cause. It’s a miracle anybody gets good at the game anymore!

And this is exactly why I created…

The Consistent Tennis WINS Academy!


This is a collection of 35 years of my most refined and deadly-effective training tips and secrets. This is the kind of knowledge that can only be discovered by spending decades in the trenches teaching and testing out new ideas.

NOTE: This is not your standard old tennis advice you read in magazines or floating around on the internet. This is the perfect blend of tried and true traditional fundamentals and cutting-edge modern technique and strategies.

It doesn’t matter if you’re old or young, a beginner or a pro, this training will blow your game wide open.

“This training is the best of the best out there!”

Not many people know that you can actually improve your game by spending less time practicing. With my approach your skills will jump a few levels very quickly instead of just hitting a plateau like most players do.

This unique course will let you know what you’re doing wrong, how to fix it, and take your tennis game to the next level. My teaching techniques literally force you to become better.

You Will Quickly and Easily Improve Your:

    • Power And Consistency Of The Serve
    • Backhand And Forehand
    • Return Of Serve
    • Approach Shots, Volleys And Overheads
    • Overall Stroke Production

    • Mental Toughness, Tactics, And Strategy
    • Footwork And Movement
    • Strength And Endurance
    • Equipment And Injury Prevention
    • Nutrition

So What’s Inside The Course?

You’ll Receive a Mailed Copy Of The “Consistent Tennis WINS Academy” DVD Series! A Total Of 8 DVD’s With Over 7 Hours Of Training Including:
  • Disc 1: The Original Covering All The Strokes
  • Disc 2: Strategy For Singles And Doubles
  • Disc 3: The Serve
  • Disc 4: The Backhand
  • Disc 5: Grooving Consistent Strokes
  • Disc 6: The Return Of Serve
  • Disc 7: Get To The Net And Win
  • Disc 8: Specialty Shots


PLUS You’ll Also Receive…

You’ll receive INSTANT LIFETIME ACCESS directly after payment to our membership site that has over 250 individual training video lessons including…

    • All 8 “Consistent Tennis Wins Academy” Videos
      8 Videos Totaling 7 Hours! (shown above)

The Fundamentals
of Tennis

  • The Serve – 16 Videos!
  • Return of Serve – 18 Videos!
  • One-Handed Backhand – 13 Videos!
  • Two-Handed Backhand – 5 Videos!
  • The Forehand – 11 Videos!
  • The Volley – 4 Videos!
  • Singles Strategy – 14 Videos!
  • Doubles Strategy – 5 Videos!
  • Ground strokes – 6 Videos!
  • Netplay – 25 Videos!
  • Grooving Consistency – 23 Videos!
  • Lobs – 10 Videos!
  • Specialty Shots – 8 Videos!

Preparing For Matches & Tournaments

  • Stroke Production – 48 Videos!
  • Strategy And Game Style – 8 Videos!
  • Tactics For Winning Pts – 12 Videos!
  • Footwork & Movement – 15 Videos!
  • Injury Rehabilitation – 1 Videos!
  • Strength And Endurance – 3 Videos!
  • Mental Challenges – 3 Videos!
  • Equipment – 5 Videos!
  • Nutrition – 2 Videos!

The “Consistent Tennis Wins Academy” videos, the preparing for matches & tournaments, and the extensive videos lessons archives total over 250 videos and over 15 hours of Video lessons!


You also get lifetime access to all the

RECAP: So you get over 250 individual video lessons covering every aspect of the game imaginable, lifetime membership and access to all the new content that’s added from now on. A mailed physical copy of the highly sought after 8 DVD “Consistent Tennis Wins Academy” Course. If you’re serious about taking your game to an elite level you HAVE to know these secrets.


Here’s a Sneak Preview Inside
The Online Membership Site…


Okay Tom, So Why Should I Listen To You?

Well, I’m not usually one to brag so I’ll just state the facts:

    • I’m one of the most in-demand, elite tennis coaches around and have a very long waiting list.
    • I’ve pioneered new teaching methods and I’m famous for getting exponential results from my students with just minor tweaks to their technique or mindset.
    • Very few people on the planet have taught tens of thousands of people of all skill levels and ages for over 35 years like I have.
    • I still play tournaments and have played alongside greats like Ilie Nastase, former world number 1.
    • I’ve taught at many of the most prestigious clubs such as The Bronxville Field Club (NY), Ocean Edge Resort (MA), Registry Resort (FL) and the Ritz Carlton (FL).
    • I’m the founder of Avery Racquet Company.
    • I’m a member of the United States Professional Tennis Association (Professional 1 Rating).
    • I graduated from Vic Braden Tennis College.


Here’s Just Some of What You’ll Get When
You Take My Advice…

You will…

    • Win more matches.
    • Have the confidence to play AND BEAT so-called ‘better’ players than you.
    • Get an inner confidence that can only come from achieving your goals.
    • Be able to turn around a bad game and come back to win.
    • Have the tools to fix holes in your game – FAST!
    • Be able to pick yourself up on your worst days.
    • Erase flaws that are holding you back that you don’t even knew you have.
    • Become a different class of player.

A lesson with me usually costs $75 – $100 per hour. Now, imagine you had me on call 24/7 to
work on your shots, your stance, positioning and mental game. What would that do for you?

Well that’s exactly what you get inside!

Real Client Feedback – Here’s What Our Students Are Saying About The Consistent Tennis WINS Academy…

“Tom Avery’s videos, as well as his on court instruction, has raised my tennis game to a new level. The videos are helpful and enjoyable to watch.”
Lynn Albert USTA 4.0-4.5
Dayton, Oh

“Thanks so much for the wonderful instructional videos that you have on your website. Every time I see a new video I learn something new. Your videos have helped me become a much better player. The thing that I like the most is that you talk about technique and mechanics and break them down so that any level player can benefit from them.”
Chuck and Barabara Skarshaug USTA 3.0 - 3.5
Hot Springs Village, AR
Chuck Captained the USTA 2011 National 3.0 Champions

” Tom, I want to let you know how well your videos are selling at Mason’s. We have had great feedback on the clarity of your instruction. People like the simplicity, and your ability to give special tips that make the game easier.”
Mark Mason, Owner
Mason’s Tennis Mart, New York, NY. Voted top tennis specialty shop over the last 25 years by Tennis Industry Magazine. (Picture on left with Roger Federer)

“ Tom’s very concise and clear explanations, together with his video demonstration allowed me to develop a topspin forehand. I visited Naples and received personal lessons from Tom Avery and he is a great teacher and I enjoyed the lesson with him very much.”
Daria McMahon
Columbia, SC

“I happened to come across one of Tom Avery’s wonderful DVD’s. I was so impressed by it that I immediately began implementing his techniques. I told all my friends what a fantastic instructor and communicator he was. After watching that wonderful DVD, I knew right then and there that I wanted his complete collection of DVD’s. I went on the internet and found Tom’s website. I immediately ordered his complete collection of DVD’s. I’m so glad I did that. They’re just tremendous. I think every tennis player in the world should own them.
I strongly support Tom as a number one tennis instructor. I will continue to tell all my friends and associates about him.”
Scott Petersen
St. Paul, MN

“I care about my students, and Tom has a simple and powerful way of helping folks with their tennis. Whether its a verbal cue that really hits home, or a comment that provokes the type of thought that leads to break through discovery, Tom has done a fine job with his instructional library. I will continue to refer to his expertise as long as I am in the game.”
Shane Racine, USPTA, 5.0 Rating
Rising Sun, MD

“ I have been watching your videos and reading your newsletter for about the last year. Here’s what I have learned. I often play against harder hitting opponents, faster servers, crisp volleyers etc. but I do OK. You want to know what I’ve learned? I send the ball back. I anticipate well, get many “so called” winners back and keep the ball deep. I would venture a guess that I win more games than most people my age and it is because I have followed your advice. Your advice has helped immensely. ”
Pat Jordan
Naples, FL

“Awesome Videos. You’ve made me really reconsider my game. You could offer a school for tennis teachers too in my opinion. Your videos are worth more than the price.”
Brian Lee Walters
Wayzata, MN

” I am an adult tournament level player. I am passionate about my tennis and always looking to improve. I found Tom’s approach to tennis was so sound and easy for me to relate to. I had two serious flaws to my game and I feel I have made great strides in cleaning those areas up thanks to the site. As an example, I struggled with my service toss. I adopted Tom’s “loop toss” and quickly regained rhythm and consistency. Regardless of your level the Avery system has a lot to offer.”
Kevin Kolenut
Westfield, NJ

“Over the years I have taken numerous lessons. While searching the web I discovered your site. Your instructional videos have helped me improve my game considerably. For example, I was trying to learn a top spin forehand. One of your videos taught me two simple rules to follow, keep the palm of your hand facing the ground and keep the racket head about a foot lower than the ball prior to contact. My forehand has not only improved but is more consistent. My game will always be a work in progress. Your videos have simplified the mechanics and made the basic rules easy to follow and remember.”
Irv Davis USTA 3.5
Bethesda, MD

“If You’re Just Dying To Be a Winner, I Will Make It Happen For You…”

With this course, you will be absolutely blown away with the quality of the information and coaching. If you follow my advice, your power, shots, confidence and enjoyment of the game will skyrocket far beyond anything you ever thought was possible!

But I’m going to make you another promise…

Tom Avery’s 60-Day Platinum
Money-Back Guarantee

I have poured my heart and soul into this course and I’m so confident it will give you amazing results for your game, that I’m willing to stake everything on it. If this program in any way, shape or form is not better than you expected it to be, I will refund every last cent you spent. All you need to do is send me an email with the words ‘refund request’ in the subject line within 60 days and it’s done. I won’t even ask you for a reason. How’s that?

“I’ve Used My 35 Years Of Teaching Experience and Created the Best Tennis Coaching Program In Existence!”

Usually this course is $250 but for a limited time we are running a promotion and have slashed an extra $53 off the price for you. This means you can get the full package for only $197 if you order right now. This price is less than 3 private lessons!

WARNING: If you come back to this page later, this price may very well be gone and you’ll have to pay $250 just like everyone else. So click the add to cart button below right now to secure your discount...

Complete Video Training Course!

You’ll Instantly Receive Access To…

  • Instant Access Online To Preparing For Matches and Tournaments Video Training! (Over 8 Hours of Video Training)
  • Instant Access Online To The Full “Consistent Tennis WINS Academy” DVD Series! (7 Hours of Video Training)
  • Instant Access Online To The Extensive Tennis Lessons Videos! (Over 150 lessons)
  • Lifetime Access To All New Lessons That Tom Avery Adds To The Academy! (Tom Adds New Lessons On a Regular Basis)
  • A Physical Copy Of The “Consistent Tennis WINS Academy” DVD Series Mailed To You For Viewing On Your DVD Player Or Computer (7 Hours of Video Training)

In Total You’re Receiving Over 250 Tennis
Lessons From Professional Tom Avery!




PS: The regular price of $250 is already a SUPER huge bargain, but right now I’m giving you the once in a lifetime opportunity to drastically improve your tennis game forever. There’s also ZERO risk since I will give you all your money back if you don’t like it for any reason.

PPS: Sometimes in life opportunities knock when we least expect them and our opportunity is sitting right in front of you… All you have to do is reach out and grab it! Don’t waste any more time, click the add to cart button now. You won’t regret it! Go for it!

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