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Day #1 - Prevent Serves From Going Into The Net

tennis lesson one

Serving into the net is so annoying isn’t it? Especially when you’re trying your best not to! This is a big problem and it’s obviously costing you many valuable points. In this lesson I show you the two most powerful tweaks that will stop your serve going into the net for good. This is an easy fix that will add points onto your game right away…

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Day #2 - Prevent Serves From Going Long

tennis lesson two

Are your serves clearing the net but landing just over the service line? This can be one of the most frustrating issues in tennis but thankfully it’s also quite an easy one to fix. In this lesson I show you the real culprit behind why you’re serving long (it’s not your service motion) and how to get the ball landing inside the line with solid consistency.

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Day #3 - Improve Your One Handed Backhand

tennis lesson three

Do you find your one-handed backhand weak and hard to control at times? Well in this lesson I show you the exact reason why the harder you work at this shot, the worse it becomes. Many players make these same mistakes, so here are two simple tips to make your one-handed backhand effortless, accurate and powerful with just a few minutes of practice on the court.

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Day #4 - Improve Your Two Handed Backhand

tennis lesson four

The two handed backhand is no doubt one of the trickier shots in the game. You have to get comfortable leading with your non-dominant hand and this causes two common problems that players experience over and over again. In this video lesson I highlight exactly what they are, but more importantly give two concrete tactics to stop them from happening right away.

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Day #5 - Improve Your Topspin And Slice Shots

tennis lesson five

In this lesson I clear up the two biggest sources of confusion for players when it comes to topspin and slice shots and I see many players make these same mistakes over and over. But with just a few simple tips you’ll make it really hard for your opponent to return the ball, winning you more points and with less effort.

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Day #6 - How To Hit Your Forehand More Consistently

tennis lesson six

Most intermediate players pride themselves on their forehand, but how many of them really have a powerful, accurate and consistent forehand to rely on? Not many. In this video you’ll learn why copying the pros will only weaken your forehand and how to go from hitting 5 or 6 good shots out of every 10, to nailing 9 out of 10 every time.

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Day #7 - Improve Your Short Angled Forehands

tennis lesson seven

If you can’t hit short angles yet then you are missing out on some really great ways to throw your opponent off their game. In this lesson I outline 3 really effective drills to help you internalize the mechanics and fine motor control for these sneaky shots. Going to the courts with some short angles in your game will really balance the power in your favor.


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